Thursday, September 08, 2011


Good morning .... I have found that I need to really watermark my work consistently b/c ... well I'm not going to say b/c I am already upset from another situation on Facebook.  Also I deleted the Freebie tab at the top of my blog b/c the images there can be easily copied/save as and than used as their own files.

From this point on any freebies I offer will be watermarked and will be posted/offered for only three days for my own protection. And I will not be offering digi images with the cut files, since I believe this is the cause of my problem with copying issues.  The freebie will be offered in one cut file format, no digi image included, and after three days will be posted to my store inventory with more cut formats available. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause me but after being hacked in my PayPal account this past summer, I am taking more precautions ... probably more than necessary. 

If you take a few moments, scroll down in my blog, you will read my TOU.  Thank you for understanding.

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