Monday, July 16, 2018

Grandma's Brag Photo Book

Hello all from HOT Alabama.  I have been busy with creating a Baby mini-album, and a Grandma's Brag Photo Book for a new mommie in church; and for her mother-in-law who I appreciate for her kindness and friendship.

It's a work in progress - just laying the mats on the pages and than will be matting the inserts, etc.  And than the cover  will be created.

Picture #1:

 This is the front of the book that will be attached to the inside of the front cover.

Picture #2:

 This photo is of the inside page that will be attached to the cover.  Oh by the way I am creating this mini-album with invitation size envelopes.  The pink cardstock is attached to the envelope flaps to create another page (please see the tutorial  Author Helen Griffin UK

Picture #3:

 This is pages three and four, and you will notice that I have applied a piece of black card stock for the photo to be layered onto.  I will be placing  the corner photo thingies to aide in placing a photo into.

Picture #4

Page 4 & 5 with the left side open to place a matted photo mat for extra photos.

Picture #5

 This is a 3 page layout page with  a pocket to place another photo matted insert.

Picture #6

Page 6 & 7 with 2 pockets for more matted photo inserts, and the final page.

Picture #7

This is the top edge that will be attached to the binding/spine of the mini-album.  Now I done my binding individually and than attached to the previous page/signature.

I hope this not too confusing.  Helen Griffin in her tutorial is much more clearer.

Thank you for visiting with me today, and have a blessed day.

New work space

Hi   all!  I recently purchased a used dining  table along with a leather couch and t.v entertainment center for my apt, and brough the cheapie Wal-mart table into my craft room because it is higher than the double-card table which should help in preventing bckaches for me.

In a couple channels I am following I noticed the table was covered with a wood grain paper, and found out you can order from Amazon sheets of  this paper.  Rather than spend $14.01 for 5 or 6 sheets of paper, I thought of laminated shelving paper with adhesive backing and, which  I found at the local Wal-mart - a big roll of it.  Here is the result of my covering the top of the old dining talbe...

I noticed on one of the channels that I follow the person had the wood grain going up, whereas mine is across.  It's a persons' personal preference.

I than lay my cutting mat (old quilt cutting mat) on top of this so when I use my craft knife it does not cut through the covering.  I did get a bit of Art Glitter glue on the bottom edge, but wiped it off with my fiingers.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, and hope you all have a blessed week.  Happy crafting, and stay cool.

A simple album pages

By LMsCraftyCreatios.

Here is the supplies/instructions:

Chipboard: Cut (2) at 6.75" x 7". Cut (1) at 2.75" x 7"

Hidden Hinge Binding (6 pages with 3/8" gussets): Cut (1) at 6 3/8" x 10 7/8" and score on the 10 7/8" side at 1.50", 2", 2.50", 2 7/8", 3 3/8", 3 7/8", 4.25", 4.75", 5.25", 5 5/8", 6 1/8", 6 5/8", 7", 7.50", 8", 8 3/8", 8 7/8", 9 3/8".

Page 1 - Make (3) of these.
Base Page: Cut (1) at 6.50" x 12" and score on the 12" side at 5.75".
Pocket: Cut (1) at 3.50" x 6.75" and score on the 3.50" side at .50" and on the 6.75" side at .50" on each end.
Binding Pocket: Cut (1) at 5" x 7.50" and score on the 7.50" side at .50" on each end.
Pocket: Cut (1) at 3.50" x 6" and score on the 3.50" side at .50" and on the 6" side at .50" on each end.
Large Flap: Cut (1) at 6.50" x 6.75" and score on the 6.75" side at .50".
Belly Bands: Cut (2) at 1.50" x 7.50" and score on the 7.50" side at .50" on each end.

Page 2 - Make (3) sets of these.
Tag Pocket: Cut (2) at 5" x 7" and score on the 7" side at .50" and 3.75".
Belly Bands: Cut (2) at 1" x 6" and score on the 6" side at .50" on each end.

For tag pockets: Cut (6) at 3" x 5"
For pockets: 4.25" x 5.50"

Front Cover Waterfall:
Cut (1) at 6.25" x 6.25".
Cut (5) at 4.75" x 6.25" and score on the 4.75" side at .50".

Back Cover Pocket: Cut (1) at 3.50" x 7 5/8" and score on the 3.50" side at .50" and on the 7 5/8" side at .50" on each end.

    Saturday, July 14, 2018

    Kraft envelope mini album

    I am creating two different size envelope mini albums.  The 6x6 size will be a baby girlsalbum for a new mom due in December 2018. The smaller size aenevelope will be a brag book album for the grandparents.  Pictures of my starting point will be posted tomorrow’s blog.

    I love how they’re coming along.

    Will chat later.  Thank you for stopping by.