Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yayyy my WiFI wireless working on the laptop with the modem....frustrating two weeks b/c I wanted to buy a surge protector for the modem/router and once I got that purchased, had a few glitches with getting it installed...but it's up and running.  Now I can use the laptop anywhere in the house and not be hooked to the Ethernet cable.  And I even have a extra power adapter for the laptop so I can plug that in when the battery gets low!!  One happy camper  :-)

{{hugs}} to all.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Scarecrow freebie

Good Tuesday morning to all...I am sharing another Scarecrow freebie today.  Using Inkscape I created this as a svg file.

Here is the download link for the cut file.

As always, thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cat and the Pumpkin

Here is the project I finished up for Adams Acres where I am a member of her design team.  I created a milk-carton carrier for the two mini-milk cartons sitting inside carton has a spider sitting atop it, and the other lid is a pumpkin.

I used Make the Cut software and cut the cat out, one for the front and than used the blackout piece for a mirror effect opposite the kitty.  On each ends I cut out the pumpkin and words boo, plus I had a die cut of the word Boo! which I attached to the front of the kitty.  The handle I cut out by hand, scalloped the edges length-wise with a paper punch and than punched ribbon-strip holes in the center (approximately...not very well and weaved a ribbon thru it.  Took a short strip and tied it around the first ribbon, making a bow of sorts.

I also used a fenced svg file from Penny Duncan blog for my project.  Thank you Penny...ur always my back-up in my projects.

I am posting 3 pics of the projects....

The cut files for this Halloween project can be obtained at  Adams Acres

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week.  Hugs to all.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday's Freebie

I am about 2 hours late in posting this freebie this morning...I was working on a project last evening and also watching a t.v. season starting on some of my favorites!!..

In staying with the Halloween theme, plus it can be used for a fall project, I am sharing a scarecrow.  I hope all like it and can use it...

Scarecrow-09-24-11 Freebie

Thank you for stopping by, and hugs to all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New freebie coming

Stay tune here...there will be a new freebie offered on Saturday, September 24 for all of you followers.  Send other crafters my way too.

Thank you and have blessed day.  Hugs to all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Subscribing to my posts

I received a comment from a follower regarding subscribing to my blog posts and have set up a link in the right-side bar where you click on it.  Now I never done this from other blogs so I don't know what the follow-up procedure is.  If u could let me know what happens, I would appreciate it. 

Hopefully this helps..also you can choose to be a follower by adding yourself to the followers' list but you have to scroll quite a ways down the page to find it...a group of pictures showing my followers.  Scroll all way down past the buttons, etc.

I don't have a button...should probably try to create one or have someone do it for me. 

Hope this helps.  Thank you and hugs to all.

Gone Loopy Frames

Good morning .... I am writing this blog on Friday and scheduling for Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011.  Here is the pics of my design for DtsArtsblog

The third card of my designs is a Gate-fold card with one of the Gone Loopy Frame on the front...I stamped a Happy Birthday sentiment, punched out with a 1 1/4 scalloped circle punch from Stampin! Up and popped it up on the Loopy Frame.  On the Loopy Frame I weaved ribbon thru the scalloped holes and tied a bow at the bottom.

I love Butterflies so stamped a butterfly on cardstock and popped it between the same Loopy Frame that I cut in half and pasted designer paper on, and glued on each end, and stamped Hello in the center underneath the stamped Butterfly.

The third Gone Loopy Frame ...I cut out the center using a printed out sheet of paper, glued onto cardstock.  Colored a digital of  a Magnolia stamp and popped it in the center of frame.

Please check out the gallery at Die Cut Designer and at Cut and Create for other designs of the Gone Loopy Frames; and at the following team members:

SVG Team A





Thank you for stopping by, and hugs to all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Check out the Cut and Create Store Inventory tab

It has been suggested that I should promote my store and inventory at Cut and Create which is a online store devoted to selling designers creative files such as svg, Make the Cut, Scut2 and Studio files.

I will try to update this each week as I post inventory to the store.

I had set up this store with the hopes of selling some of my cut files and earn a little money to pay for my crafting addiction, plus other expenses. 

Please click on the tab "Cut and Create" which will direct u right to the store site and select Granny Ma's Creations on left side bar.  Look thru what I have to offer...I try to price reasonably for you all.

Thank you, and hugs to all

Halloween svg Freebie

Time is going by so...September's almost over, and than it will be October and Halloween; plus all the beautiful colors of the favorite time of the year.  And the temps getting cooler...try not to complain too much since we had a very hot summer.  Hope never to see another summer like this past one.

This is the first of my Halloween files that I will be offering for the next couple weeks or so and than I will move on to Thanksgiving files.  I am offering this freebie in svg, mtc, scut2 and for those that has new cutters I am offering scut3.
The actual cut file will not have the drop-shadowed pieces..I used drop-shadowing to make the pic look nice.

Halloween File

Thank you for stopping by, and hugs to all.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vintage Woman Silhouette

Good Saturday morning to promised, here is the Vintage Woman Silhouette that can be used separately or with the Vintage Man Silhouette shared here on my post ....

I am offering this in svg and mtc format and  here is the link...Vintage Woman Silhouette

I would love to see your designs using the cut file.

Next week I will begin sharing cut files for Halloween...stay tuned.  Thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My freebies

I had been creating a freebie, leaving it on my blog for 3 days to a weeks' time and than put into my store inventory, but have decided that the freebies will stay posted permanently and occasionally will submit to the store inventory from my creations that I am working on.

I will be sharing a freebie this coming Saturday of a Vintage Woman Silhouette and than will move onto Halloween files next week along with Thanksgiving files.

I am wanting to share more of my work freely ... not tie myself down with trying to fill my store inventory ...

Also, if anyone is interested in the butterfly I had posted, here is the link for the download (I removed from the store inventory) along with the picture.


If u know of anybody who would enjoy this cut file please direct them to my blog.  Thank you and {{huggs}} to all

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another pic of the Vintage Man silhouette

Thanks to Susan E of My Adventures with SCAL and Inkscape I learn how to cast-shadow or drop-shadowing using the free software, Inkscape 0.48.  I am going to share her photo of her work of my Vintage Man Silhouette

I love this...and believe it will make a lovely Christmas card. 

Here is my re-tweaked image of the Vintage Man Silhouette...

My drop-shadow is placed in a different area than Susan's but we all have our own way of placing.  Now I can place shadows on other images, especially for the store items I place into inventory.

Thank you Susan E. for helping me out.  One thing I learn from this...Inkscape rocks!!

Hugs to all.

Hi everyone...I've been playing with Abode Photoshop Elements ver. 7 learning how to create a drop shadow effect with the jpeg pics of my cut files and decided to offer a man silhouette (looks to be a vintage style man in top-hat, etc) and will offer the man silhouette as a freebie showing the shadowing effect I so-far done.  Whether it's correct or not, it's working for me...just can't get the shadow to 'lay-down' on the floor style...anyone has a suggestion, please send to me (YouTube no help at all!!)

Man Silhouette

Check out papasue's blog at for her design including the Vintage Man Silhouette.

Please come back on Saturday for the Vintage Woman Silhouette that I will be offering as a freebie.  Thank you for visiting, and hugs to all.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Good morning .... I have found that I need to really watermark my work consistently b/c ... well I'm not going to say b/c I am already upset from another situation on Facebook.  Also I deleted the Freebie tab at the top of my blog b/c the images there can be easily copied/save as and than used as their own files.

From this point on any freebies I offer will be watermarked and will be posted/offered for only three days for my own protection. And I will not be offering digi images with the cut files, since I believe this is the cause of my problem with copying issues.  The freebie will be offered in one cut file format, no digi image included, and after three days will be posted to my store inventory with more cut formats available. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause me but after being hacked in my PayPal account this past summer, I am taking more precautions ... probably more than necessary. 

If you take a few moments, scroll down in my blog, you will read my TOU.  Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Here is my first svg project for the team...a Mini-Backpack for a school's big enough to be used for a treat bag for birthday parties, or to give a small gift for a special one or a teacher.  Will show the pic first here...

Cardstock and designer paper from my stash here at home as well as the button and pearl button on the flaps.  I goofed up on the edge of backpack so I decided to edge it Tim Holtz Distress Ink Tea Dye to give it a 'used' look...a school bag gets roughed up with a lot of use.

In fact, I had cut the pieces out while at my son's home in Kansas and tried to put them together and just wouldn't fit, so I re-cut the pieces using my Expression and the size that Dardi had listed.  Other than my normal problems of putting it together, taping, etc. it was a pretty nice on to the next project...

Hop on over to the galleries at

Cut and Create Gallery

Die Cut Designer Gallery

and check out each designers' projects, or visit the following blogs to look at their projects....
SVG Team A





Also this svg cut file will be offered/available at the stores at the above links...check the stores out for the files and the other designers files as well.

Thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.

Friday, September 02, 2011

No freebie this week

Hello everyone...

I will not have a freebie this week b/c it's Labor Day weekend, and we're having a house full of company so it will be a busy time of entertaining, visiting, and relaxing with sisters and brother with his fiancee.

I will leave last week's freebie up for another week...enjoy.

Hope all have a very good and safe weekend with loved ones.  Hugs to all.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Big Announcement

Good morning and welcome to my blog...I am typing this on Tuesday morning, and will schedule this for 6 AM Thursday, September 1st...mainly b/c I will be en-route for home on Wednesday afternoon arriving home about 6 P.M. and not sure if I will 'wake enough' to write up a post.

I have been accepted to be a member of the Design Team for DtsArts for the next quarter.  I enjoy working with Dardi and creating projects from her designs and looking forward to each and every one of the designs she has for us.

There will be two teams that will work with her svg files and two teams working with her digi files which will make blog hopping fun.  I have seen some of the work and really like them...they're inspiring me with their work already.

Following is a list of the Design Team members and their blog addresses...hop on over to each blog and check out their work...and become inspired as I have...

The DtsArt Design Team:

Digial Stamps:





SVG Team A





SVG Team B





Once you have visited each team member's blogs, hop on over to and and check out DtsArts galleries for each team members work as they will be posted there each week.  Check out the stores for the files that will be on sale by DtsArts.

Thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.