Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here are three svg files that I created today to share....I've included the files for Make the Cut...



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Now a simple file to share with you....a scalloped circle card with a scalloped insert that you can cut out either in cardstock or designer paper, and than decorate the card anyway you want.  First of all the pic ....

Thanks to Inkscape I was able to create the inside scalloped circle using the dynamic offset option.  Otherwise I would become frustrated getting the correct size!

Here are the SCAL2 file, Make the  Cut file and also a scut2 file for your use.

Scalloped Circle Card svg

Scalloped Circle Card. mtc

Scalloped Circle Card.scut2

I would like to wish you a Happy Turkey the turkey would beef...:-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now onto the Christmas cards...I decided they will be simple this year.  No fancy card base this time.  Next year I hope to start Christmas cards July or August...yeah, right!!

I will be stamping a greeting in the inside and have stamped an image of three sheep on the left lower corner.
I have completed the birthday card for my step-daughter who will turn 40 on December 4th.  Actually the card svg is one I shared with you and I used my Make the Cut software to create this card and the embellishments.  My SCAL2 and Cricut Personal does not work well with Windows 7 and the generic USB driver I downloaded from Craftedge only works with Make the Cut when I unplug the USB cable from the USB port (I believe there is an issue with the USB Serial converter !)  Also it's time to bite the bullet, and buy a Cricut Expression but I am going to be spending  three months with my daughter-in-law and family in Kansas and seeing my son come home from Iraq in March, the money for the Expression is not in the budget.  Enough of my's the pic of the birthday card...

I have attached the card to piece of cardstock giving it stability and also be able to use envelope I already have in my stash...I would have to create a envelope for the smaller version and trying to finish up my Christmas cards, go to Mississippi for a couple days, and get back to pack for my trip to Kansas...didn't want to create the envelope.

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 15, 2010

And here's another pic of my 16 yr old grandson, D.J. holding his little cousin, Carson...notice the little belly on the lil man.... last I heard he was 6 lbs 10 ozs....growing like a little weed, he is....:-)

Good morning to all....I have completed the birthday card for my youngest granddaughter, Kassidy.  She will be turning 7 on the 30th of this month....and since she loves to play with her hotwheels on a daily basis, and seems like hour of playing, making sure they're all lined up a certain way...she is OCD as well as ADHD.  Here is the pics of the final card that I plan to include a McDonald's gift card....I still have to make an envelope as the card is slightly higher than a normal envelope. 

Now to finish the Christmas cards which I will try to post when finished.  I'm making them simple this fancy cuts or designs, or sizes....Cricut Personal still don't work that well with my new laptop ... and planning a trip to Kansas for the Christmas holidays and no money available for a Cricut Expression. 

I am trying to sell some of my wood mounted rubber stamps stash as I do not use these particular ones, plus I am finding I use more digital images in my work. 

Now off to get my shower, dress for the day and go mail a package to my granddaughter and than stop at the scrapbook store downtown....

Hope u all have a blessed day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hi yall youngest granddaughter, Kassi will be turning 7 end of this month and since she likes cars (will play with her collection of nearly 100 Hotwheels for hours) I am working on her b-day card.  I am sharing what I have finished so far.....

I have not finished the tires or the body...when I work with a project I take my time so it will look good.  I'm no professional but want my work to be good.  Not sure what to do with the tires just will be a shade of black/gray.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hello all...I created a card with Happy at top and Birthday on bottom.  The individual letters can be 'broken apart' easily...I believe by break apart and clicking on each one and moving so you can cut the base card and each individual letter in a different color.

 Here is the Happy Birthday card svg file:

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I have finally finished the baby mini-album/card for my granddaughter and are several pics of the album ....

and more....

This mini-album is for my granddaughter to use to place pics of her little boy into.  Thank you for looking.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I have been MIA in my creating of cut files but that is due to making Halloween and Thanksgiving cards to send out, plus working on a mini-album/baby card for my granddaughter which I will post pics when finished with the album.  Sorry I mailed the Halloween cards without posting to this apologizes.  Here is couple pics of thanksgiving card which is in the form of a easel card.  I like that design the best.  I am planning to make my own envelopes to use for mailing these cards.

Here is the inside of the card: