Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pics of Easter Card in the making

As promised I took a pic of the Easter Cards I am creating to send to family.  I am not finished yet…need to add the sentiment and a ribbon bow to the front of the card and than decide how to finish the inside of the card, what to use for appropriate Easter sentiment, etc.  Once I have finished it completely I will take another pic to show you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Cards and a birthday card

I am working on Easter cards and one birthday card right now and will post pics of the Easter cards tomorrow once I get them taken.  Have decided the front of the card design, and the inside will come in a day or two. 

I also have a anniversary card to create for my granddaughter and hubby of two years….I thought it was later this week and realized it was yesterday, the 28th.  So I will be late in sending the anniversary greeting.

Once I get the adult Easter cards finished I will work on two cards for my youngest granddaughters for Easter and will send with a little Easter gift of some sort.

Just keeping you all up to date on my activities…the re-designing of the envelope file…I decided not to post ‘em.  I will create something else to post soon.

Thank you for following my blog.

Envelope files

I will be posting some envelope files that I revamped for my purposes later.  The files I had/have …. the flap does not come down over the bottom flap far enough for closure purposes, so created my version.  For me, to bring over the files into SCAL2 I have to resize because it’s not cutting out correct size with what’s transferred from Inkscape to SCAL

Later…I’m going to the local scrapbook store to walk off the frustration of reworking these files.  Hope you day is better than mine Smile

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am sharing with you a card I made awhile back.  I call it a top edged butterfly card…you fold the card in half downwards and decorate any way you would like.
Thank you and let me know if you have any problems with downloading.  Right now, I am trying to find a way to compress the files together and than put into a downloadable file.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrapbook page for Alexis’ Scrapbook

Scrapbook Page for Alexis’ Scrapbook


This is the final page of a three page spread for my granddaughter Alexis’ scrapbook .  Now onto new pages for both girls’ scrapbooks.

And also will create some cut files to share.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Card #2

Easter Card_09


Easter Card_09


Family pic of us at Huntsville US Space & Rocket Center

US Space and Rocket

Not quite please with the pic of me…that is why I do not display/post my pic as a profile pic. Smile with tongue out

Free File to share later today

I worked on a svg and wpc file last evening to share and will post this evening.  It is going to be a busy day for us both…dr appts both myself and my sister.  Plus I would like to work up the file in scut2 (SCAL) and Make the Cut before posting.  Thank you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Al


My step-daughter and family arrived on Saturday afternoon and we spent a wonderful weekend with my sister and myself.  Sunday we hung out here, with a side-trip to Wal-mart…who can’t miss a trip to Wal-mart!! 

Monday afternoon we spent about 2 1/2 hours at the US Space and Rocket Center located in Huntsville, Alabama.  I took over a 100 pics but only going to post a few here on this blog.  I know….this is my creative blog, but I wanted to share a little of what I am doing when not creating cards or working on a scrapbook.  I have to finish the last page of my grand-daughter’s dance page, but waiting on an order to come in at the local scrapbook store

So now to see if inserting pictures is as easy as this writer is!!…



I took over 100 pics and don’t wish to bore you.  This site is a Museum of  the Rockets worked on and sent up since the late ‘50’s or so.  From what I am told Discovery, once it is finished at NASA, will be ‘coming home’ to Huntsville!

I enjoyed myself with my family…it went too fast.  Now back to creating files to share.


Hello all…checking this out as Penny Duncan of Penny Duncan Creations highly recommended it…and it is soooooo easy, as she said.  She is one awesome person, willing to help out when asked.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ragged Square Nestie

Good evening  from beautiful spring Alabama.  I created another nestie, using Inkscape to create it as a svg file and also Fairy Cut for a wpc file.  There will be a slight difference in the sizing of the nesties...I resized the file in Inkscape as I cut and pasted file out of order to Inkscape from Fairy Cut.  But it gives you different options.

I have not created a scut2 or MTC file for the above....if there is interest just let me know and I will work a file up.

Ragged Square Nestie files

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Scalloped Oval Nesties

I have created a file of small scalloped oval nesties in several formats.  I downloaded the demo version of Fairy Cut software (the name of software turns me off) and find that I will pay out the price of the full version as it will cut on a Cricut!!  Hopefully, when and if I purchase a Lynx cutting machine in the future (I will not support Provo Craft b/c of their lawsuit against Make the Cuts and soon to be SCAL software owners--I don't believe in monopolizing and making the Cricut only usable for their cartridges which are costly).  Enough of my rants and onto the files I am sharing with you.  The scalloped oval is done in Fairy Cut using the scissors option.  I than created the nesties, and copied it all to Inkscape which I than converted into svg files.  From there, I created a scut2 and mtc files to share all 4 different versions of the oval nestie.

Here are the pictures, and hopefully tweaked enough so you will be able to see them....
Small Scalloped oval nestie_04.scut2
Small Scalloped oval nestie.scut2
Small scalloped oval nestie_04.svg
Small scalloped oval nestie_04.mtc
Small scalloped oval nestie.svg
Small scalloped oval nestie.mtc
Small scalloped oval nestie.wpc

Or try this link which should bring you to the file folder in and you can make your selection...

Small scalloped oval nesties

Thank you for downloading.  And hope your day was a good one.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tricia's b-day card

I finished my daughter-in-law's birthday card, which is today!  And I hope she likes pink as there is plenty of it .  I used cardstock purchased at the local scrapbook store, Cuddlebugged the printed cardstock and than inked over it with tea dye distressed ink.  Punched out three butterflies and ran a ribbon across top of  card.  Added three rhinestones for bling, colored in the flower, and layered pop thingies on back of digital element and put on left side of card.  Here is the pic of my creation ... (this is the reason why I don't do tutorials...can't talk ....)

Apologize for the blurriness of pic....batteries was dying on me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I call Squiggly element nesties

I really don't know what to call these files except that they're elements and nesties.  Here's hoping the pics are of a decent size...

 Element no 1 nestie.svg

Element no.2 nestie.svg

Element no.3 nestie.svg

My Son is HOME

My son, Sgt Andrew Smith arrived home from 1 year deployment in Iraq today at 10:30 a.m.  I spoke with him for a few minutes around 11 a.m. and was sooooo good to hear his voice now upon US soil.

This pic is not the greatest and I am guessing but I believe he's shorter soldier in the middle.

Here he is hugging his two girls after the brief welcome home ceremony.

And now his hat is hanging at home.... at least for the next 2 years!

Our HERO is home now.  Thank GOD!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shield Frame nestie

Another file I am sharing with you....I'm using it from a digital and converted it to a nestie.  Needed to create this for a birthday card I am creating for my daughter-in-law's birthday on Sunday, even though her birthday gift will arrive home from Iraq sometime Saturday, after a year of deployment.  (I'll know what time shortly, after a phone call)....
And here is the link for the svg file....sorry, haven't worked up a scut2 or MTC file yet.


Friday, March 04, 2011

New blog layout

I hope everyone likes/enjoys my new blog layout.  It may not be a permanent one as I would like to tweak it some more, especially figure out the description section.

Scroll_corner_card and Scroll_corner_mat

I am posting a file to share with you all.. A scroll_corner_card .... and a scroll_corner_mat for the scrappers out there....


I will be cutting my mat out 10.50x10.50 so it will fit nicely in the 12x12 page of scrapbook.  Here is the cut file link...


Once again, thank you for looking at my work.  And I do appreciate the comments coming my way...just don't know how to welcome you back.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

2nd Dance page of Alexis' Scrapbook

I completed the 2nd page to Alexis' scrapbook and now onto the 3rd page.  The mats svg was created by Annel of Art by Annel and she done an awesome job of the creations of these files.  I really appreciate her work, and like stated below, the files was posted at a perfect time.  Thank you for a great job.

The song they danced to is something about getting out of the tub, going to the door, and than go back into the tub, etc.  I know when you go the area around the Fabrics and Crafts in Walmart there is a display where you can select tunes to decide if you wish to purchase that CD and this song is one of the selections...I watched my youngest granddaughter perform this dance in the JC, Kansas Wal-mart .... lol....soooo cute  to watch her performing the steps in the aisle of Wal-mart.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Glass Etching project

While taking a rest from scrapbooking granddaughter's dance recital pages, I tried my hand at glass etching.  I had etched a glass candle holder a few weeks ago, but failed miserably and threw the glass item away (only cost me $1.00 at Dollar  Here is my attempts and I done better, if I say so,