Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another pic of the Vintage Man silhouette

Thanks to Susan E of My Adventures with SCAL and Inkscape I learn how to cast-shadow or drop-shadowing using the free software, Inkscape 0.48.  I am going to share her photo of her work of my Vintage Man Silhouette

I love this...and believe it will make a lovely Christmas card. 

Here is my re-tweaked image of the Vintage Man Silhouette...

My drop-shadow is placed in a different area than Susan's but we all have our own way of placing.  Now I can place shadows on other images, especially for the store items I place into inventory.

Thank you Susan E. for helping me out.  One thing I learn from this...Inkscape rocks!!

Hugs to all.


PapaSue said...

Thanks Carolyn, it was my pleasure to use your wonderful silhouette. I'll post the svg file on my Blog tomorrow for any of your visitors.

Susan (aka PapaSue)

Aussie Carolyn said...

I agree and Inkscape does rock.
Your vintage man with his shadow looks great and it was interesting to see how you and Susan used the file differently.