Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Card for future sister-in-law

I spent Memorial Day Monday working on this card for my future sister-in-law’s birthday with is the end of June.  I will be sending to her early as they’re going on a cruise than.

Basically the cardstock used is Stampin! Up and Wal-marts’.  I used my Cri-Kit Gel Pens purchased thru http://amychomas.blogspot.com/ for the rose stencil in the center…cutting with my Expression did not work well…all the small pieces just fell out and left no definition in the rose center.  I used the gel pens than colored in with my Wet Looks Embossing  Markers by Marvy and clear embossing powder, heated it with the heat tool, and presto…a shiny effect.  Attached a ribbon bow and next is to print out a sentiment for the inside of the card, and be on its’ way to Florida.

I’m posting this pic on my blog and on my Yahoo Group site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cmsmith46580.  I am in the process of creating a card kit which will be offered for sale at the store at www.diecutdesigners.com.  Check out the store for the items being sold, both mine under Granny Ma’s Creations and other designers.


I am offering a few files for sale, hoping to make enough in sales to help with the plane ticket to Manhattan, Kansas to visit my son and family in July.  And daughter-in-law will be having surgery, and grandma’s needed for babysitting. (Side benefit of this is to see my son, who came home from Iraq in February, and I have not seen him in over a year.)

Thank you for stopping.

Frames-series 10 Project

Not sure what to title this blog with….we used frames in different shapes and fancy forms.  It was a easy and fun project to work with..and once again my little star is my great-grandson and the album I am making for his mommy.

My cardstock is from a stash of Stampin! Up cardstock and the embellishments from Close to My Heart retired set.

Here is the photo of my creation for the team:


Stop over at www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com to see what the team members have created using these frames.  And stop by the store at www.diecutdesigner.com to look at the products for sale.  There are quite a bit of files there to select from.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Holiday

Really don’t know how to send this greeting out…it’s not like saying Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday….but have a Happy and safe Memorial Day.  And express your appreciation to past and present Military personnel for their service to/for country; and thank them for their hard work and sacrifices to family to keep us safe, so that will be able to enjoy the freedoms we love and cherish.  (Thank you Andy…Sgt in the U.S. Army)

I am also writing this to let you all know, that besides posting photos of my work here on my blog, I set up a group site with Yahoo.com/group.  I will post photos of my completed cards and I have set up files for my cut files that are free.  Plus I have a file for the items I have on sale with www.diecutdesigner.com store.  Eventually I will set up my own store site when I can locate a website that has something to offer.

The website for the group is as follows:


It at least allows me to display my work so when I apply for DT positions I can direct them to that site.  Hopefully this work.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Father’s Day Card Kit

I am offering in the store at www.diecutdesigner.com today, May 29, 2011 a Father’s Day Card kit. (I hope to have it up in the a.m…..the store site was not cooperating for me when it came to displaying the photo!)

The card has two bases that you can select from.  I originally was going to have the shield in the shape of a card, have it folded and glued to front of square card, but decided it was too much work!  I made mine w/out the folded shield.  I used Make the Cut to create my card, but you can use Sure Cuts a Lot as well.

Here is a pic of the Father’s Day card I made for the men in my family.  I made three of them but displaying one card as they’re all the same theme.  I have one more card to create for my grandson-in-law…first time father this year.


Check out the store for the above kit, and other goodies for sale.  And check www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 for the projects her design team created.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoo Animal…Elk

As I am working on zoo animals to go with my great-grandson’s baby album I am offering a free cut file of an Elk


I am not very happy with the above picture…the cuts will come up much better

Elk svg & mtc

I will also posting these files to my new Yahoo Group home:  Granny Ma’s Creations which can be found at

Granny Ma's Creations Group

I hope everyone has a beautiful and safe weekend.  God bless our Military.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday card made by my daughter-in-law

I am going to brag on my daughter-in-law…she is so crafty.  She done a beautiful job of this…so proud of her.


I LOVE this card…she doesn’t create her own files…yet.  She has my old Cricut Personal cutter and doing a marvelous job with her handiwork.

An Elephant for a freebie file

I have diverted myself from nestie files to working on circus/zoo animals.  Reason for this is that I am creating a photo album for my granddaughter to put her son’s photos in and using zoo animals for decorations.


Elle the Elephant


I am re-tweaking this file and will be offering in the store at http://diecutdesigner.com/forum

later today. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and have a blessed day.

Sweet Treat Flower

Oops…I almost forgot to write up this post….my day started out gaining my energy back from a bad night of heartburn or something.  Anyhoo…I am feeling better now, but a little tired, so once I write up this post, I will go to bed early.

This week’s design is a sweet treat flower which I done up entirely in Make the Cut…I am posting two designs…the first one shown in purple and I did not like it.  So I cut out the polka dot top in design paper, glue that over the purple flower, and got another version…but I am not exactly happy with this one either.  I used sunflower birdseed for the center but I believe it would look better with candy or some cutouts, but a week b/4 I get paid…needless to say I was a little short so was not able to buy the ‘treats’.

Here is the two pictures which is week 4 of designing for http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com/


Check out the Design Team members creations at http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com/ .  And when you have a free moment, check out the store athttp://www.diecutdesigner.com for many choices of files to purchase.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my work.  Now to bed, and hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling much better and work on this weeks design file.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Giraffe Baby Album Cover

You will recognize this project as the one I created for www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com  and is posted on her blog this past Tuesday.  I didn’t like the edges looking so rough or unfinished so I made a 3/4 inch strip of paper to go around the edges, both front and back covers.  Than on the inside of both covers I pasted in cardstock on the front cover, and found a scrapbook kit from www.closetomyheart.com that was especially ‘made’ for this project…lol.  It’s called My Reflections Paper Packet Animal Cookies (probably retired since I had this kit for over two years.) It was stuck away in my top drawer of dresser waiting for me to find it….


Now does anyone know how to keep the trim ‘glued’ down on the backcover edges…it ‘insists’ on separating from the cover and I used double-sided scotch tape and Elmer’s wood glue to glue it down?  I will be purchasing regular Elmer’s glue next week when I get my ss check!!! Smile

Thank you for looking and hope you all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another freebie to share

This has been another profitable day working with my cut files and my great grandson’s photo album designing the inside pages, adding zoo animals as tabs to the pages.  Actually you can go to www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com on Tuesday of this week to see the cover that I designed for this weeks design file.

Now to the freebie…It’s actually two cut files in one…I scalloped a pennant and than copied the plain pennant, scalloped and inserted the plain pennant in the center and created it so the center will cut out, forming a frame. .

Scallop PennantScalloped pennant copy

Scalloped and framed pennant

Week 3…3rd design to share

This is the 3rd week of my designing for www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com and thoroughly enjoying myself.  This week we worked with a giraffe which had me stumped for a short minute…than I thought, why not a cover for baby photo album (going to give to my granddaughter for her use!!)  … nice timing as he is 7 months old and she can put pics inside…of course, once I finish the inside and bind all of it.  Here is the photo of my accomplishment…


I’m finding other uses for my Cricut Expression…a prop for the projects so I can take pictures… lol

And for the 2nd card I decided to make a gate-card using the giraffe on the edge, over-lapping the right side which has the elephant on that flap.  The elephant background I found as a search on the Internet

Here is that photo:

baby card

Make sure and go to www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com and click on the links for the designers and see what they done this week with the giraffe.  The pictures will also be posted in the gallery at http://diecutdesigner.com/forum and check out the store for the files that are offered for sale.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day wherever you may be.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A free file to share

It has been awhile since I shared a free file with you all, due to working on files for http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com/ that will be posted next Tuesday May 17th on her blog as well as mine.

Here is my freebie…

Scalloped Square Frame


Scalloped Square Frame

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monkey Do

This month is going by pretty fast…Mother’s Day come and gone….working on completing the next set of designs for http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com…at first my creative juices just wasn’t flowing, but than a lightbulb went off…I can use the girl monkey to finish the pages for my granddaughter’s Dance Recital scrapbook page.  Since she enjoys ballet I used that theme with girl monkey, ballet shoes, and ballerina silhouettes and here is what I come up with for my first of two projects for this week.


The second project took a little more thought.  I was surfing the Internet, looking at blogs, downloading files from www.http://www.craftcrave.com/ and came upon someone’s blog (don’t remember who’s blog so can’t give credit due to them) but they welded a element to the the side of cardstock, and I thought, why couldn’t I do that.  The sentiment , Thanks A Bunch was printed out with my printer, punched with my scalloped punch and the blackout scalloped circle was created from a file downloaded from Penny Duncan Creations….http://pennyduncancreations.blogspot.com/.  Here is the project…


The scrapbook page was done using Make the Cut software and the card was done using Fairy Cut software.  I use these software b/c of the simplicity and ease of use…creating blackouts with Make the Cut is so easy than SCAL2 (just figured out how to use on Fairy Cut) and with Fairy Cut you select the option to cut, and my Expression takes right off.  Enough of my sales pitch…lol

Now to creating my son’s birthday card, plus the next project for http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com  I will also work on more items for the store at www.diecutdesigners.com … I sold some files this weekend which gives me an idea what buyers like.  And I would like to thank those who purchased my files…you don’t know how discouraged I was becoming and this has helped me to keep right on working on files.

Thank you for checking me out.  Check out the other designers projects at http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com/

Sunday, May 08, 2011

HaPpY MoThEr’S DaY

I am sitting here at my trusty (?) old laptop trying to create a b-day card for my son, and thought to myself, I should get on my blog and wish ALL mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.  Hope all mothers had a wonderful day wherever you are at.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Time to BRAG


Alexis receiving her award at Special Olympics.This is my 10 1/2 yr old granddaughter receiving her awards at a Special Olympics event in Topeka, Kansas.  Quoted from her mother’s status on Facebook: 

Alexis got second place in the 50 meter dash and 1 st in the running long jump!

I am so proud of Alexis…she is Autistic and works very, very hard for what she earns.. she will also be receiving the Most Improved Student Award for her school, Custer Hill Elementary School, Fort Riley, Kansas .  That medal will be given to her on May 17, 2011. 

Sorry, but I am proud Grandma, and brag on her.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Added product to the DieCutDesigner Shop

I’m not a salesman(!) but need to put the word out there that I have a few items at http://www.diecutdesigner.com/ listed under Granny Ma’s Creations, and have added two more today.  I will try to do two or more a day among all my other crafting projects going on right now.

Teacher Award

Just click on http://www.diecutdesigner.com/ and in the box on left side, locate Granny Ma’s Creations, click on it and preview and order.  Thank you, and appreciate your shopping with us.  Check out other products offered by the designers.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Project created for www.dtsarts.com

As a designer for www.dtsarts.com I have created the following Easter cards showing a Girl and Boy bunny.

Boy Bunny Easel CardBoy BunnyGirl Bunny

Cardstock used from Wal-mart

I used my SCAL2 software for cutting out the files, including print and cutting the digital.  Ribbons are from Stampin! Up … the sentiment typed out using openoffice.org (comparable to Word) and coloring was done in Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils (my choice of coloring pencils).

You may be able to check each  DtsArts  designers work at http://dtsartblog.blogspot.com/ and in the gallery at http://www.diecutdesigner.com/forum/

Thank you for coming by.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Daisy Digi with a shadow

I am sharing a digital freebie of a Daisy along with a shadow that can be colored and set against the shadow for a shadowy effect. I have this freebie in svg format only.

This  file will be posted on my blog for a week and than will be included with a card kit that will go in the store at www.diecutdesigner.com that opened April 23rd. 

Please check the store and forum out at www.diecutdesigner.com and see what we are doing and share with us.  We have some swaps going on as well.  This is just not for card making…it covers everything from scrapbook, 3D to cards, and discussions on the different cutting machines.  Read about the member and introduce yourself.  Come have some fun with us all.

Digi Daisy with blackout shadow_02
Daisy Digi and svg file

Mother’s Day Cards

Here is what I was able to finish up this weekend to keep me busy and not think about ‘no power’.


Above pics taken just after the power came back on … this next pic b/4 power came on… by candlelight and flashlight!


I printed the sunflower out on white cardstock (Wal-mart brand).  Yellow cardstock was embossed thru my Cuddlebug and attached to a blue cardstock.  Attached sunflower to black cardstock, and all attached to white cards, once again from Wal-mart.  The sentiment from my private stash of stamps…sorry don’t know name of company, and the inside msg was printed from a free verse I found on one of the websites and attached to a yellow card and inserted inside of card.

Now I am working on a card for a swap plus a card for my son who will be 34 end of this month.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Survived the storm


On April 28, 2011 tornadoes hit Alabama especially hitting hard at Tuscaloosa Alabama.  We had been without power for four days with 2 hrs power on Friday and 3 hrs on Saturday evening, and whenever I think about Tuscaloosa and all that’s gone on there, I do not complain about the loss of power in our area…we have been blest.  My Internet service came back on line sometime this afternoon…and I’m a Internet junkie, so it has been a trying time for me, but very happy to be back up and running…with Facebook as my lifeline to news of family up north in Indiana.

We are doing well…