Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alexis' Scrapbook page

I started working on Alexis' scrapbook pages of her dance recital back in August, 2010.  So far I completed one page and have two more of layout to do.    These mat svgs were created by Annel of Art by Annel, which I apologize for not crediting her when I first posted these scrapbook pages.  She done an awesome job of the files, and the posting of svg files was at a perfect time for me as I was starting the scrapbooks for my son's two daughters.  Thank you Annel...I really appreciate the files.  Here is page one:

Monday, February 21, 2011


Good evening and hope your weekend and President's Day went well for you all.  I completed three pages of my granddaughter, Kassidy Dance Page today and created this file to share with you.

Please forgive me for the pic cutting off...Inkscape is very fussy where you place the pic b/4 saving.  Just wish there was a cheap Inkscape manual out there to purchase that I could use for

Here is the file that I have created so far...have not done in SCAL2 or MTC...not sure I will as the above svg was at least an hour in the making. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrapbook pages of Granddaughters Dance Recital

As promised, here is pics of two of the three pages of my youngest granddaughter, Kassidy at her Dance Recital last August, 2010 (I believe). I colored the ballet shoes, added tap-shoes I found on the Internet while searching for free downloads of colored pages. 

Now, I'm not a professional like you all scrapbookers...I just enjoy working and creating, and also enjoying the fact that I have a working Cricut cutting machine.

Thank you for onto creating the scrapbook pages for Kassidy's sister, Alexis.  Thankfully, they both resume dance lessons at the Bates Dance Studio in Junction City, Kansas next week.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gate to the World reworked

Taking a little time from the scrapbooking of my granddaughters dance recital and spent a little time on reworking the Gate to the World file, including a .mtc cut and a image download as well.  Here is the pics of what is included.

Base Card.scut2
Base Card.svg
Base Card.mtc

Once you print the digital out on white cardstock (or your cardstock choice) color, and than adhere to the base card, fold gates forward over the digital  and than decorate.  I would put flowers on front of fence/gate to bling it up.  Thank you for looking.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Internet back up finally

I'm finally back up and running... my Internet had been down for approx 24 hrs...a network card or something needed to be replaced at the server location.  Darn...after three days of Internet 'dropping' I finally called ... hopefully it will stay up.

Tomorrow I will share some of the files I have been working on because of the Internet being down.  I am finishing up page one of a scrapbook of my youngest granddaughter, Kassidy in dance class/recital from last July and August.

I will be working on my sister's 2010 taxes as well.  Share and chat later.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Postage Photo Frame

I've been working on some scrapbook that I have my Cricut Expression working with this laptop and Windows 7....yaaaay.  When the machine started cutting a file yesterday, I was soooooooooo happy and I can test my work.  I created this, what I call, a postage photo frame that I am including on the scrapbook pages of my granddaughters dance recital of last August, 2010.  First here is the files and than the picture of  the cut.....  Once I have the pages finished I will share with you all....

Postage Photo Frame.scut2
Postage Photo Frame.svg

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Ground Hog Day!!  I have another file to share...just the svg file right now.  The cut for Sure Cuts A Lot will be worked on tomorrow. I will start with a picture of what it should look like when you finish it to your design...the fence and country digital can be either printed out with your printer, or you can us Cri-Kits Gel Pens to draw in the design.  I would attempt to use the print and cut for the fence but not sure about the cutting around the fence and I have the fence on the card base already in a shadow effect.  I will work with this later and post it at that time.  Since this blessed blog is not cooperating with me (I wish Google would look at the format of WordPress!!) I will include the digital images here as well.

Here are the cut files for you....

Gate to the World card base.svg
Gate to the World.svg
countryside digital.png

I will post the SCAL2 file tomorrow once I create it.  There is a lot of breaking apart and combining to do with the different files. The digital pic and fences need to be broken apart from svg in order to cut the base out.

Once you have cut the file out and designed it, the fences are folded across the front of the card.  Flowers can be popped onto the front of the fence.

 Thank you.