Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Check out the Cut and Create Store Inventory tab

It has been suggested that I should promote my store and inventory at Cut and Create which is a online store devoted to selling designers creative files such as svg, Make the Cut, Scut2 and Studio files.

I will try to update this each week as I post inventory to the store.

I had set up this store with the hopes of selling some of my cut files and earn a little money to pay for my crafting addiction, plus other expenses. 

Please click on the tab "Cut and Create" which will direct u right to the store site and select Granny Ma's Creations on left side bar.  Look thru what I have to offer...I try to price reasonably for you all.

Thank you, and hugs to all

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veronica said...

Hi there,
I have just ordered my first cutting machine, the ecraft. While waiting for delivery, I have been trying to learn about it. I found you by browsing information on the ecraft. I really enjoyed reading your blog and was wondering how to subscribe to it, but I don't see how to subscribe on your blog. lol I may be missing it. I am new to following blogs. What do you suggest I do? Follow you on FB or subscribe for email updates.