Monday, August 29, 2011


Good morning...this is the day to begin counting down for the big announcement.  Come on back on Thursday, September 1st for the big news.

Also, it's my personal count down for going home...spent two months with my son and family helping out and now it's time to go home and get back to my own Cricut Expression and crafting as the holidays coming up.  It has been a good 2 months...was able to spend time with my son since he came home from his 2nd deployment  to Iraq in March, 2011.  And share time with the granddaughters...who I love very dearly.

I'm hoping you all have a good week.  Hugs to all.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Happy Birthday Mat and Title Freebie

It has been another week and I've been busy with working on files for the store and helping out here in Kansas with the family.  It is count down time of right now, it's 5 days 'til I go home...yaaay.

This mat can be sized to use as a topper on a card, or create a card by resizing it to a card size.  Or enlarge it to a scrapbook page for either a 8x10 or 8x11 or 12x12 layout.  Along with the mat, I created the title to use in other birthday layouts or cards

Happy Birthday mat and title (no picture available .)

Sorry, this freebie is no longer available...

If interested in this file, please check out

Die Cut Designers Store

Cut and Create Store

and I will be listing these files on

The middle of next week I will be making an announcement, so stay tuned for that.  Happy weekend, and later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another item to go into the stores soon

I will be adding some more cut files plus scrapbook paper to my store(s) inventories tomorrow, August 24,2011.  Hop on over to the following stores to see my inventory of cut files and newly added scrapbook kits.

Die Cut Designer

Cut and Create

Smart Buy Gal

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Canvas Art DIL created

Good morning everyone...I am posting a canvas art here on my blog to share with u all what my DIL had created this past weekend, using a canvas and her Cricut.

The web, spider and lettering was created on her Cricut.  She painted the canvas with black first, than paint a crackle paint over the first layer, creating the 'old look' .  Looks like a stone wall, or a weathered wall.  Than she sprayed a protective glaze over the entire canvas..she is planning to hang this on their front door for the Halloween season.

I am still creating files for school, including scrapbook kits.  Once I am finish I will post them on the blog to indicate what my inventory will be at the three stores I have inventory with.  Sometimes I feel so befuddled and unorganized with working the files and what to include in the files.  I keep plugging along though.

I hope all had a great weekend as we did here in Kansas.  And it's countdown for me---8 more days and I will be flying back to Alabama.

Later, and hugs to all.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's another Freebie

It's another Saturday to share a freebie with you all.  Once again this Cartoon Bear will be up for one week and than will go into my store inventory.  This file comes in svg format only for the freebie (once it goes into store inventory, there will be more formats to choose from).

Cartoon Bear Freebie has expired.

Thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Addition to 3 Stores

The following has been added to the stores at:

Die Cut Designer Store

Cut and Create Store

Smart Buy Gal Store

This file of svg, mtc, wpc, scut2 and pdf can be used for a scrapbook page of school starting or first time school year for a child.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Later...hugs!!

Another card created by my daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law created this Halloween card to add to her stash of cards.  She creates them and than when she needs a card, she has them to mail. 

Sorry for the background display of toaster, etc.  The kitchen counter is the best place to take a pic of the card ... and this morning, the sunlight was helpful too.

She ran a row of stitches around the edge of card, the font is her own printing, and I cut the ghost out for her on the Cricut Personal.

Thank you for stopping by to see what's going in the world of creating in the Smith's household.

Another week and a half and I am on my way to Alabama!

Hugs and see you tomorrow with another freebie.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Going home

Made my reservations to fly home ....August 31, 2011 leaving at 11:55 a.m., arriving in Huntsville around 4:15 p.m.  Back home to work on my creations using my own Cricut Expression.

It is a pleasant day triple digit temps.  First day of school for the granddaughters and they both had a  good morning...only a half day today.  Hopefully, the 'child' in my oldest granddaughter's class will hold to her promise...that she will treat my granddaughter better.

  And Hugs to all.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freebie Saturday

Good morning and glad to see you all here today.  It's to be a nice weekend in tornadoes that I am aware of....:-)

This freebie has expired.

You will find it at three stores listed in menu bar with more cut formats included.  And also a Cartoon Chicken will be included with pkg.

Thank you  for stopping by and have a good weekend.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Cartoon Cat Freebie

Another week has gone by, and it’s time for another freebie to share with you.  This freebie has expired.

The Cartoon Cat file will be available at the following stores:

Die Cut Designer

Cut and Create

Smart Buy Gal

I haven’t really done much crafting even though I have a birthday card to create with the design which is part of Adams Acres crafty work.  So onto that  in the next day or so.

Thank you for stopping by.

Later, and hugs to you all

Friday, August 05, 2011

A new product uploaded to the Store(s)

I uploaded the following product file to the three stores I am selling my cut files at.  I will list the stores websites below the picture.


Here are the links for the stores:

Die Cut Designer/Store

Cut and Create/Store

Smart Buy Gal/Store

Just click on the links on the top menu bar, and than click on Granny Ma’s Creations.

Thank you for visiting, and come on by the store and check out what I have to offer, plus what the various designers have to offer as well.