Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi everyone...I've been playing with Abode Photoshop Elements ver. 7 learning how to create a drop shadow effect with the jpeg pics of my cut files and decided to offer a man silhouette (looks to be a vintage style man in top-hat, etc) and will offer the man silhouette as a freebie showing the shadowing effect I so-far done.  Whether it's correct or not, it's working for me...just can't get the shadow to 'lay-down' on the floor style...anyone has a suggestion, please send to me (YouTube no help at all!!)

Man Silhouette

Check out papasue's blog at for her design including the Vintage Man Silhouette.

Please come back on Saturday for the Vintage Woman Silhouette that I will be offering as a freebie.  Thank you for visiting, and hugs to all.


PapaSue said...

This is a wonderful image. So many possibilities for holiday cards.

Thank you for sharing it.

Four11Lady said...


CTgirl said...

This is lovely! Many thanks!!