Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Thursday to you all...I am posting two digitals of one pic...a rose drawing that I re-worked and than the original one.  Thank you for looking...

Drawing of a Rose

Reworked drawing of a Rose

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here is a quick file to share with u all .... idea that I created after seeing the card in my 2010-11 Stampin Up Idea catalog....Just a simple card using the Cricut and Inkscape and Sure Cuts a Lot software...u can convert it to the Make the Cut software as well....In the file, the scalloped is to the side of the card for easy cutting out.  I haven't quite figured out working with layers and saving in Inkscape.  Working in Sure Cuts a Lot is a lot simpler.

Another Butterfly card.svg

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where is this month going to...soon will be October with birthdays and Halloween projects to look forward to.  With Halloween a month away, I decided to work on a Halloween card using pumpkins leaning against a fence.  I first increased the pumpkin image to make as a shadow blackout, and the upper pumpkin design can be done using Cri-Kit Gel Pens and than colored in with whatever method you like and glue it to the shadow blackout.  Or you can cut out the second piece and attached to the shadow blackout.  Here is the picture and file for your use:

pumpkin leaning against fence

I am still having problems of displaying images into this blog, but the svg cut file will or should be correct without changing the proportion sizes... I had to squeeze the card image itself in order to display correctly into this blog area.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have been busy this evening working on stamping logo on back of the greeting cards I am donating to Operation Write Home in preparation  of mailing them out next week.  Plus I have created a couple of files for Christmas cards that I am hoping to mass produce to send to this organization.  Right now, I am considering going to bed and watch the PBS station on t.v.  Nite everyone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you followers for being patient with me in my blogging experiences.  And now I will work on my Inkscape skills where I use layers.  I can do this in Sure Cuts A Lot as it's easy but it's a learning experience with Inkscape right now.  I feel pretty good of posting my pics of files I created.
Good morning and I hope everyone is or will be having a good day.  I worked on something simple using a svg file that I found on another blog, but not sure if it's Penny Duncan's Creations or who to thank for.  I used the cut file and make a card from it.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Here is my svg file as promised along with a picture of it....  I tweaked, and done more tweaking and finally came up with a finished product to post.  It's another idea of a garden gate with flowers.  I added a sentiment of "Happy Hello" but it can be changed to anything you would like. Plus the flowers not 'combined' to gate...just click on flowers and move in order to cut flowers properly.

Another Gate Card.svg

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another beautiful day and I'm just 'waking' up.  As to the Art in the Park Sale, I really haven't made up my mind to participate next year; and I have tried but never sold anything on their website.  I did sell a doll on, another site that allows u to list your craft items for sale and no charges applied to the listings. is like ebay, but no charges for listings as they have advertisers covering their charges.  But I have found no 'action' there. 

Right now, the dolls and lap quilts will be packed and mailed to Fort Riley, Kansas where they will have a post-wide yard sale on the 1st of October, and my daughter-in-law will try to sell the dolls for me, along with the jewelry she makes and is selling. (If anyone is interested in looking at her jewelry, let me know through a comment at end of this posting, or e-mail me at  She has not created a blog, but does have Facebook and Twitter account where the pictures are stored.  (Fort Riley, Kansas is a Army base where my son is based out of, but right now deployed to Iraq.)  One of my dolls will be on it's way to Indiana for a baby gift; and the baby quilt will also be on its' way to Indiana for my great-grandson due latter part of October.

I have been working on a svg file  to post but haven't quite decided how to do it so continuing on with the tweaking, tweaking and more  Plus I am planning to create a ragged-square baby quilt for a Christmas gift for the great-grandson.  I will keep busy.  And will look into even though I don't agree with the I earn on these dolls, I feel is mine!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

It's been a day of being let down... the Art in the Park was a total waste of my time and energy.... I left the park disappointed and once in the car, broke down in tears.  At this time, I am not considering doing this again next year, but I will mail 5 of the dolls and the lap quilts to Fort Riley, Kansas for the post-wide yard sale the 1st of October.  If they don't sell, I will be listing them on (a ebay type website without the fees, etc. (I don't do well at all on where listings are free!)  At least with the quilts, if they don't sell, my granddaughters can have them :-)

I will post a digital or svg file when my emotions are back in check.  Thank you.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I will be delayed in posting a new digital or svg file as tomorrow is the big Day for Art in the Park. Wish me luck....and my daughter-in-law as well as she has handmade jewelry for sale. Thank you for being patience with me.