Tuesday, January 03, 2012

January 3, 2012

Today is a beautiful sunny day, but a little 'cold' outside.  I really don't mind since I am originally from a state that has very cold weather in the winter with lots of snow.  And I grew up in South Dakota where there is/was plenty of snow especially when I was growing up there on the farm.

I will be offering a free file to share with you later today or tomorrow.  I am presently working on it plus I plan to make up a couple thank you cards using Sandi Genovese's Hand Clapping Card that she presented in her video of last week....Scrapbook Showgram ... I just have to retweak the size of the card base since I do not have my order for 12x18 heavy style construction paper yet.

I have so many ideas for 2012 going thru my head right now that I would like to create...especially mini-albums for the grandchildren to use plus working on scrap pages for the granddaughter's scrapbooks. 

Thank you for visiting today, and {{hugs}} to all.

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