Monday, January 30, 2012

Alphabet Series

Good morning....I am working on a Series of the Alphabet letters...both upper and lower case where I have included the little cut lines on the edge.  The series will include both jpeg and png images that can be printed out and cut.  U can open up in whatever photo editing program, color and than print out for scrapbooks.  Also can print and cut out with your electronic cutters.  Lots of different ways to work with the images.  Plus I have included the svg, mtc, scut2 and scut3 files for cutting on card stock.  This is for personal use only on your cards or scrapbook pages.

Click here.

And now to the wonderful news...I may have visitors late March or early April....depending on my son's orders for Korea.  If the family is approved, and he gets his orders he will put in for his 30-day leave, close out housing there on base, and than visit family.  They plan to travel to Illinois, Wisconsin, possibly Indiana and than come visit Mama/Grandma.  I get to see my grandbabies b/4 they leave to live in Korea....thousand of miles away.  I know there will be plenty of tears ... at least for me.  I will be babysitting their 2 year dog, Bella for 2 yrs, and their vehicle will be parked here (so nice to be trusted!!).  I am sooooo looking forward to this visit...can't wait.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my files with you, and sharing my wonderful news with you all.  Hugs to all.

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