Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another January Birthday Card and free file

Good morning ... I finished my granddaughter, Brittany's birthday card and if I say so... I love it. Some of my cards are so-so, and than there are some that are cute...

I started with cutting a template for the inside of the card as this is a pop-up card.  I was aiming for three pop-up 'stairs' but b/c of the width of card, I decided two looked good. 

I selected different shades of blue for the card, and the inside insert is a card stock from Stampin! Up stash that I've had for awhile and don't know the name of the color...I'm not even sure if Stampin! Up carries this shade anymore....I traced the template on the folded insert and than cut in about an inch on each side and one inch for the step.  I folded the step and than popped it out when I folded the insert back to its' original look.

I cut out the shadow for Happy Birthday three times as I wanted to give it a chipboard look.  After cutting out three shadows for each word, I used my adhesive tape and glued it so as to look like chipboard. 
Here is a close up look at what I was going for.  And glue-ing together was not too bad...just took my time..sometimes I tend to work too fast and become sloppy ....:-)

Once again, back to my trusty Cricut Expression and I cut out the individual letters in Happy Birthday using Annfold font ... I love this font.  Than I used my X sticker making machine and added adhesive to the back of each letter and glued to the correct spot on the shadow area.  A couple letters off a little bit, but I felt I done good with them.

And once finished with adding to the shadow, I attached Happy to the pop-up stairs, using foam strips, placed on the steps.  The word Birthday was glued to the card insert.

Now to the front:

I used the same technique with the numbers cutting out six each for the number and than cut the number in blue and individually glued the numbers, giving it a look of chipboard, and I embossed the floral strip onto a contrasting blue card stock using a embossing folder from Cuttlebug-Provo Craft.  Glued to the card, and than using foam strips I attached the number 22 on top of the strip.  This pic only shows one navy colored bead but I added another one on the right side.  Before attaching the embossed strip and numbers, I spritzed the card with color ink spritzer from Stampin! UP using a contrasting blue...

Now back into the inside of the card...I wanted to add something into the center of the card, between the pop-up stairs and felt three candles would look good there so I used a design from a cd  Designer Scrapbooks with Sandi Genovese, converted it a svg cut, cut them out - three candles with two white underneath to give it the look of chipboard, the top candle and than cut the candle out on yellowish card stock and cut the flame and glued it to the candle.

Here is the final look....



Now we are ready for the free file...I am sharing the 3-Candle file with you all today for your own personal use only.  Zip file includes svg,mtc,scut2,scut3,pdf, and EPS/AI which can be loaded into whatever photo editing software you have.

Click here to download the file.

Whew, this was a long  I hope you enjoy this card as much as I do.  Thank you for allowing to share this with you, and now onto the next birthday card which will simpler than this one, and than to the Valentine Cards.  Hugs to all.

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Love this card. TFS