Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Holiday

Really don’t know how to send this greeting out…it’s not like saying Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday….but have a Happy and safe Memorial Day.  And express your appreciation to past and present Military personnel for their service to/for country; and thank them for their hard work and sacrifices to family to keep us safe, so that will be able to enjoy the freedoms we love and cherish.  (Thank you Andy…Sgt in the U.S. Army)

I am also writing this to let you all know, that besides posting photos of my work here on my blog, I set up a group site with  I will post photos of my completed cards and I have set up files for my cut files that are free.  Plus I have a file for the items I have on sale with store.  Eventually I will set up my own store site when I can locate a website that has something to offer.

The website for the group is as follows: 

It at least allows me to display my work so when I apply for DT positions I can direct them to that site.  Hopefully this work.

Thank you for stopping by.

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