Sunday, May 27, 2012

BAP #21 is....

this cute little Boy candy wrapper which I changed to a card base...for a Father's Day card for my son, Andy.  I was going to make 3 of these cards...but after this one....I got worn out from keeping track of all the little bitsy pieces...:-P


Now, I am not an artist...hee,hee.  The mouth is goofy looking but my sister, who I ask her opinion of my projects, thinks it is cute.  

Here is what the candy wrapper would look like (i.e. photo is Creative Kuts photo) 


Note the fold lines along each side of the boy...this is where it is wrapped around the candy bar.  Now...I could make this and send a Snicker's bar to my son, but Customs may not like it too  This file is available at Creative Kuts 2 to purchase.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today, and hugs to all.  Working on a Father's Day file to share with u on Tuesday.

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