Sunday, May 20, 2012

BAP #20...Hat

This is the project that I completed for the BAP #20 at Creative Kuts Facebook group....


This is a Graduation Hat that can be created as a centerpiece for the Graduate's table for Open House party, and they can be made smaller.  The original file comes as 10.536x10.353 which makes a small hat...just big enough for 1 or 2 pieces of candy, etc.  I set the measurements at 12x12 which would be ideal for one or more table centerpieces, depending on how long your table is...or for the main table where all the eats or gifts are sitting.

It is something that I am contemplating for my grandson's graduation next spring, 2013.  All I would have to do is re-do the sign to 2013 Rocks....   will see what my step-daughter has to say about it.

I will be working up the 2012 Rocks as a free file later today and post this evening or tomorrow...depending on how the Internet services acts.

Go check Creative Kuts Group page at Creative Kuts and join us in the fun projects.  All u have to do is request the BAP for the week, work it up, and than post by 5 PST Sunday.  Than Monday mornings, approx project is posted on Facebook, and you e-mail your request for the file by Tuesday.  Than work and submit by the next Sunday evening.  She includes the projects in a video of the work sent to the group page.

Thank you for stopping by  and hugs to all.

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Alicia said...

Oh I can't wait to get this one as I am planning a grad party for the 9th and NEED some decor to place here and there- this would be ideal!!! *Hugs*