Monday, January 29, 2018

The Everlasting and Everlasting Mini-Album

A good Monday to all.  The rain has passed on and today is a beautiful day - not too cold or warm - just right!

Like I mentioned in my last  post I have been working on mini-albums using patterns and youtube tutorials by Jen-of-Eve.  The one I am showing is my second mini-album from her patterns.

Here is part one (I believe) of the

The above is Part 1, and I just finished Parts 4 and 5


Here is the individual photos of my Everlasting Printable Mini-Album

Created the ribbon bow from Jen O Eve Designs:  Everlasting Album and Mini Everlasting Album.

Thank you for visiting with me this evening, and reading through this long blog.  Have a blessed week, and happy thoughts going your way.

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