Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Granddaughter's Birthday Card

It has been quite awhile since I posted anything, mainly because I have been working on mini-albums to sell at my Etsy store shop...

On to the birthday card I made for my granddaughter who turn 14 years old back in November of 2017.   I'm not able to locate the youtube video of this card so onto the photos:

This the front cover of the birthday card.  The picture was colored in using app on my iPad called Recolor.  I color a lot of pictures to relieve the stress. :-)  I printed the picture and applied to the front of the card matting on cardstock.

This is the inside of the card using another colored page from my iPad colored with recolor app on my iPad.  When I seen this picture I thought immediately of my granddaughter.

This is four sections cut to size and accordion folded to fit inside at the ends to create this framed box.  Each fold can apply embellishments of your choice.  Since my granddaughter loves Spearmint chewing gum, I purchased a big package and placed individual sticks of gum into the folded section, as shown in the next photol

As you will notice I placed gum in each accordion fold and she had extra to chew as well.  I did place a tab on the side to close the boxed book card with Velcro.

Here is another photo of the birthday card:

I hope you enjoyed the boxed book card, and have a blessed day.

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