Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Rose Stencil Pop Up Card

First of all, I am not affiliated with Pop Up Card Studio or Make the Cut software.  I use Make the Cut software to design my cut files in; and create pop up cut files in the new software, Pop Up Card Studio.  And cut out the projects in SCAL3 as it's easier to move around in - I'm more familiar with the way the project is laid out on the mat and not confusing when it comes to cutting.

Anyhow I would like to share with you the project I just completed but have not test cut yet.

I was playing with my software, Pop Up Card Studio that I just recently purchased from the creators of Make the Cut software; and feel a little better about the purchase.  At first, I felt I wasted the money because of the way my first design came out, but retweaking and using different options in the program, I am beginning to like it.  I'm not where the pro that some designers are, especially Penny Duncan...she is fabulous with her designs using this new software; and hope to see a video or more from her.

First I retweaked the Stencil Rose according to a video by Rob of Scrappy Dew on how to remove the 2nd lines in the design.  Once done, I created a shadow of the StencilRose and copied and pasted into my Pop Up Card Studio and created the pop up card using the shadow of the Stencil Rose. 

After completing the pop up card, I copied and pasted to Make the Cut and re-size the StencilRose pattern to fit; and saved as a svg file so I can cut out in my SCAL3 software.  I will test cut and than decide if I will put into the store.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my creations, and hugs to all xoxo

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