Monday, December 02, 2013

Cocoa Mug BAP from Creative Kuts


Tis the time of year for a nice cuppa of hot cocoa and this is a mug that will hold one pack of hot cocoa to send or give to a friend or family member that loves hot cocoa.  

The mug is one piece that has tabs on each end that you fold in to create a pocket when glued to back piece..  The checkered piece is what I created by cutting the main piece two times, and than trimmed off the ends that are glued together and placed on the front of the cup.  I created the sentiment using my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition; and than hand printed the faux stitching.  Cut out two snowflakes to place on the mug and added a gemstone to the sentiment.  The marshmellows cut in a threes and one single one to layered on top; plus a stick of candy or straw (don't know which) and layered in between the two pieces.  Yummy cocoa!

Thank you for stopping by to visit, and blessings to all.


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