Saturday, October 15, 2011

Freebie Saturday

I forgot today is Saturday and I usually post a freebie but with problems with camera and other matters, I completely forgot to create and post one for today.  I will be working on a file and post later tonight or early in the morning.

Plus my daughter-in-law's dog, Carter had a biopsy yesterday and it has depressed me...left me crying as she is one good dog...always there for my daughter-in-law when she has seizures.  Here is a photo of the 'old' girl enjoying a little time at the lake in Kansas...

They done a biopsy to see how advanced the cancer has spread thru her body...and from there a decision will be made.....I love this dog even tho she is not mine, but she is part of my family and she is one sweet dog.

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to cry on your shoulder, so to speak.  Hugs to all.

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