Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Scalloped Oval Nesties

I have created a file of small scalloped oval nesties in several formats.  I downloaded the demo version of Fairy Cut software (the name of software turns me off) and find that I will pay out the price of the full version as it will cut on a Cricut!!  Hopefully, when and if I purchase a Lynx cutting machine in the future (I will not support Provo Craft b/c of their lawsuit against Make the Cuts and soon to be SCAL software owners--I don't believe in monopolizing and making the Cricut only usable for their cartridges which are costly).  Enough of my rants and onto the files I am sharing with you.  The scalloped oval is done in Fairy Cut using the scissors option.  I than created the nesties, and copied it all to Inkscape which I than converted into svg files.  From there, I created a scut2 and mtc files to share all 4 different versions of the oval nestie.

Here are the pictures, and hopefully tweaked enough so you will be able to see them....
Small Scalloped oval nestie_04.scut2
Small Scalloped oval nestie.scut2
Small scalloped oval nestie_04.svg
Small scalloped oval nestie_04.mtc
Small scalloped oval nestie.svg
Small scalloped oval nestie.mtc
Small scalloped oval nestie.wpc

Or try this link which should bring you to the file folder in and you can make your selection...

Small scalloped oval nesties

Thank you for downloading.  And hope your day was a good one.

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