Wednesday, March 02, 2011

2nd Dance page of Alexis' Scrapbook

I completed the 2nd page to Alexis' scrapbook and now onto the 3rd page.  The mats svg was created by Annel of Art by Annel and she done an awesome job of the creations of these files.  I really appreciate her work, and like stated below, the files was posted at a perfect time.  Thank you for a great job.

The song they danced to is something about getting out of the tub, going to the door, and than go back into the tub, etc.  I know when you go the area around the Fabrics and Crafts in Walmart there is a display where you can select tunes to decide if you wish to purchase that CD and this song is one of the selections...I watched my youngest granddaughter perform this dance in the JC, Kansas Wal-mart .... lol....soooo cute  to watch her performing the steps in the aisle of Wal-mart.

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