Monday, January 24, 2011

Well...this had been a good day...until about an hour ago.. I found that ALL my files (svgs, MTC, digitals and ALL my photos . even of the great-grandson) are completely lost.  Do not know what happen but went to turn my laptop on, and the external disk drive would not come up.  And it was not FULL yet.  So all my saved files have taken a 'walk' and thankfully the photos of my great grandson are also on Facebook under my granddaughter's page.

So... All the work I have done...down the drain...not very happy b/c I have to start over.  And to top this off, the work I done this morning is lost and I cannot even find the page on that had the instructions and clipart.  Bless this mess and this day.

The files here on my blog are saved at God for that!

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