Monday, October 11, 2010

I haven't worked on any files as right now my Cricut Personal is not working for me.  I have downloaded the newest firmware from Cricut Design Studio, and done everything suggested on Craftedge with downloading and discussed thru e-mail with ( refuses to answer my e-mail or cry for help)....and to be quite honest, I don't even know if purchasing a brand Cricut would be the solution.  I almost afraid of investing the money and still have the problem.    I installed the drivers but it's in craftedge folder with SCAL and wondering if the drivers are in the wrong folder. When downloading the drivers software from SCAL/Craftedge it asked for place to install and I indicated the SCAL file folder.  Even purchased a new usb cable for the machine hoping that would be the solution, but NOT.  So I am at my wits end.  Wondering if any of you followers would have a solution to this problem.  I have my 10 yr old granddaughters b-day card in a file ready to cut out along with my step-daughter's b-day card for her 40th b-day but that is in Dec.  My granddaughter's b-day is in a couple weeks, b/4 my social security check comes into the bank.  Is there any other cutting machines on the market that cuts svg files besides Cricut.  The machine I have is about 4 yrs old and would purchasing a brand new one correct this problem.  I have problems with cutting from Cricut Design Studio...always requesting that I install the new firmware...which I have done six times now.  Anyhow, if anyone has a solution to this problem short of purchasing a brand new machine, I would appreciate hearing from you...I have all these svg files and do not want to change cutting machines.  Thank you

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