Friday, March 15, 2013

Freebies are being listed on my Freebies page

To clean up the clutter, I will be listing the freebie of my own creations, and the ones I am sharing from Facebook under the tab marked  'Shared Freebies from Facebook and My Creations' 
 from today on.  When I do list/post a freebie, I will post here a notification as well and than you  go select the tab and you will find the free file there.  And since I have Fastwagon for my store business, the free files will be here, but you will be click on the image and it will take you to checkout through ....

Also, the free files I find on Facebook will be limited to 1 day so you will only have the day of posting to obtain the free file.  My own creations will be unlimited but I feel that I should only limit the free files from Miss Kate Cuttables and Paper Piecing by Nikki for only 1 day since this is their policy.

Thank you for understanding, and hugs to all.  Have a super great Friday and weekend.

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