Saturday, October 15, 2011


I owe the team leader/owner of Doodle Tales an apology for remarks I made on my blog earlier this week, which I since deleted.  In the original blog, I made it sound like he wanted me to go out to buy a brand new camera so I submit high quality pics of  my work done for him.  That was not his intention, and rather than I wait and work this out, I made some wrong assumptions, and quickly resigned from the team which I have asked he reconsider and allow me to stay on.

My problem with the camera is batteries ... and having no extra cash to purchase the batteries needed right now.  But...I did find the rechargeable batteries, after 2 months of them sitting in my laptop carrying case (traveling and security checks caused me to move the batteries from the purse to the laptop carrying case and couldn't locate them until I made a more thorough search) in a few moments I will see how they're working.

Plus my usage of Photoshop Elements 7 is very basic...just manage to get around to insert a watermark on it.  And teach myself how to add a shadow to some of my pics.  PrintShop Pro and Photoscape is about the same ordeal.  If anyone knows of a website that gives plain instructions how to use the above software with written out instructions please let me know.

I try to take several pics of my work so the team leader can decide what to post on their blog(s).  I know that I have a focusing problem with the camera...and there is a icon on the screen of a hand that I have no idea what it means.  No instruction book...purchased 2nd hand from my son and daughter-in-law about three or four years ago. 

I apologize again for the remarks on the deleted blog...and will learn to wait patiently and work out problems b/4 posting.  Thank you and hugs to all.

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Aussie Carolyn said...

Hi Carolyn, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Do you have a Windows based computer? I can make a video showing how to do basic editing using a program you probably already have on your computer. BTW this is Carolyn C from the Inkscape forum. I will make two photo editing videos this week and get back to you when I post them on my blog.