Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Request for Circus Tent card

Good morning.  I had a request for the whereabouts of the Circus Tent card just recently as a comment on my blog posting (Happy New Year's wish).

I would love to help you but I need a little more information.  Do you know the date of the posting for the Circus Tent card.  I remember working on a Circus Tent mini-album, but I do not remember where I got the file. 

I usually try to link the website to the file when I purchase the file, but if this was an earlier posting, I may have not started it.  I also am a member of the ScrappyDew Vault and they have a set of files for Circus and other circus embellishments.

Please, if you read this point me to the posting you found this in; and than email me at

Thank you.

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