Thursday, May 08, 2014

A different product review....

Hey there, Carolyn here today with a product review, and I am reviewing the up-graded software, Abode Photoshop Elements ver. 12.  Now I'm not going into the technical stuff  of this program.  I am basically a beginner and learning how to create digital scrapbook pages with it.  And have been viewing online free classes (webinar) and using the techniques from the class in my pages.  I have download a bunch of scrap pages from blogs out there on the web, and trying to use the pages as my backgrounds.

TIP:  be willing to learn how to create digital scrapbook pages

I love this technique - it's called 'Picture Stack' and found under the Guided menu.  Scroll down to Photo Play and select 2nd option.  There you select number of photos which means it takes your photo and four copies (that is what I selected above) and you also can change the background color where I selected a grey color.  When you finish it will come up with 4 of the same photo; go over to the Expert section where you're able to move around to match up the pictures to your liking.

I added 2014 and than shadowed it (so easy and I will now shadow my store items easily) and my son and family moved to Texas I placed that has the title of page.  Now I will create a layout of their new home - just the outside that is.

As I do not have 12x12 printer, I will be sending this off to a website that you place orders and they send  you a 12x12 page; (I will be creating a few more pages before I submit my order.) but another TIP:  make sure that your dpi (resolution) is at 300 and saved at the highest jpeg which is maximum; this way you should get a great quality page for your scrapbook.  Or if you prefer, create pages of your digital scrapbook and order a book from other companies, i.e. MyMemories Suite. 

I am having fun creating digital scrapbook pages, and thought I would never leave the standard method of sitting down with elements, pictures and the actual cardstock to create a traditional page.  

Thanks for stopping by today.

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