Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quick Broomstick Lace Baby Blanket

I was watching Knit & Crochet program on the local PBS Station (Create) and they had instructions for Broomstick Lace ... a form of crocheting using a huge knitting needle (size 50) and I thought...since my niece had a baby girl six weeks ago, I would attempt to make one for her.  Now to watch the Missouri Quilt video again to refresh my memory in making a self-binding baby receiving blanket...and presto ... two baby gifts for Randi Anne and Averi Renee....

I enjoyed making this, and I know there is some boo-boos in the project, but quite honestly, I can't see  The hardest part was crocheting around the edges to give it a finished look and I think it turned out great.

Thank you for looking at my project, and blessings to you all.

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Jani Lewis said...

So lovely. I am sure they will cherish it forever. (looks great to me and I am sure if I had made it you would be able to see all the mistakes from across the room LOL)