Friday, February 03, 2012

Alphabet Series .... B

B-4-Baby....Letter B in upper and lower case.  Baby with diaper and t-shirt.. piece in pink or blue for boy or girl.  Would make a excellent baby card or a page in a new baby's scrapbook.


Click  here for this version.

Click on the link for the download which includes zip file for svg, mtc, scut2 and scut3 format, and the file is for your personal use only.

I will be back Monday morning with Letter C...stop by and grab the file at that time.  Thank you for stopping by and hugs to all.  And for those who enjoy football, may your team win the Super Bowl this coming Sunday.  Me...I'll be watching a movie or reading...:-)


Tabitha said...

Thanks so much. These are really cute.

Sandy said...

sweet! thank you!