Saturday, July 30, 2011

Panda Bear Boy Birthday Card

This is the final design for DtsArtsblog that I created as the Design Team ended early and I know I am late in posting this as it was due this past Tuesday, but I posted the Girl Panda design. 

This one is a Panda Bear Boy frame for my great-grandson’s birthday coming up in October and please use your imagination or visualize of a photo in the center…I have photos of him on my computer external hard drive, but don’t have access to a car to drive to Manhattan, KS to pick up a order at the Walgreens there!! 

The balloon is not attached yet…waiting to insert the photo.  Number one was cut out in the center of the balloon…Carson will be turning one years’ of age and I will be using a photo of  him leading up to that age.

Here is the photo:


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