Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another beautiful day and I'm just 'waking' up.  As to the Art in the Park Sale, I really haven't made up my mind to participate next year; and I have tried Esty.com but never sold anything on their website.  I did sell a doll on Artfire.com, another site that allows u to list your craft items for sale and no charges applied to the listings.   Webstore.com is like ebay, but no charges for listings as they have advertisers covering their charges.  But I have found no 'action' there. 

Right now, the dolls and lap quilts will be packed and mailed to Fort Riley, Kansas where they will have a post-wide yard sale on the 1st of October, and my daughter-in-law will try to sell the dolls for me, along with the jewelry she makes and is selling. (If anyone is interested in looking at her jewelry, let me know through a comment at end of this posting, or e-mail me at cmsmith46580@gmail.com)  She has not created a blog, but does have Facebook and Twitter account where the pictures are stored.  (Fort Riley, Kansas is a Army base where my son is based out of, but right now deployed to Iraq.)  One of my dolls will be on it's way to Indiana for a baby gift; and the baby quilt will also be on its' way to Indiana for my great-grandson due latter part of October.

I have been working on a svg file  to post but haven't quite decided how to do it so continuing on with the tweaking, tweaking and more tweaking...lol.  Plus I am planning to create a ragged-square baby quilt for a Christmas gift for the great-grandson.  I will keep busy.  And will look into Esty.com even though I don't agree with the charges...money I earn on these dolls, I feel is mine!

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