Friday, October 03, 2014

Print and Cut comparisons

I felt motivated yesterday to compare the print and cut features of the three machines I own and here is the results:

First is the Silhouette Cameo which is my trusty machine with all cuts...


You will note the tiny white edgings which I don't like (I like all cut outs to be perfect!! but I use because of ease and time factor - the machine is set up and already in the software.)

Here is the results of the Brother's Scan 'N Cut...

Brother's Scan 'N Cut needs calibration!!  There is white edges on the pieces -- this machine should be cutting more perfectly than it is.  I have calibration instructions but too nervous to attempt it - not as easy to calibrate as the Cricut Explore even though I calibrated the Explore 4 x's!!

Results of Cricut Explore:


Near perfect!!  There is some teeny-tiny white edges but don't know if that is the photo taking results (in all three pictures) or what.  But my choice for print n cut (or as in Cricut Explore Print then Cut) I will be using the Cricut Explore for perfect cut images.

(and in all fairness, the lighting and angle of camera was not great - some of the white edges are results of the angle or lighting because when I look at the actual pieces the white edges are not that great as shown in the photos.  So it will be a matter of what project I am working on and the time of the posting to my blog.)

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me, and have a happy crafty weekend.

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Such fun little people and so colourful.
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