Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A late file will be posted

I apologize that I am late in posting my next Letter in the Alphabet Series...I am working on it...but King Art is really causing me pain today...why I don't know, but I am in tears.  I wish he would visit the knees, hands, anywhere else but the back.  I'm seeing the dr Friday morning as I am concerned about gallbladder...never had the problem  but reading about gallbladder and cholesterol and the side affects of Lipitor, I am not taking any chances.  So....once the aspirin kicks in, I will work on the file later this afternoon.  Thank you for understanding.

Also I am hoping to finish this Alphabet Series project within the next week or so...b/c... my son and family will be visiting us for two weeks...from March 24 thru April 5th.  April 8th they will be flying to Korea where he will finish up his Army duties.  I will be spending all the time I can with my family as for visiting them in Korea...no can do!!  There is a possibility that I can squeak in a free file or two while they're here, but I am not guarantee-ing anything ....

Hugs to all, and later this afternoon with the free file.

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