Sunday, September 05, 2010

It's been a day of being let down... the Art in the Park was a total waste of my time and energy.... I left the park disappointed and once in the car, broke down in tears.  At this time, I am not considering doing this again next year, but I will mail 5 of the dolls and the lap quilts to Fort Riley, Kansas for the post-wide yard sale the 1st of October.  If they don't sell, I will be listing them on (a ebay type website without the fees, etc. (I don't do well at all on where listings are free!)  At least with the quilts, if they don't sell, my granddaughters can have them :-)

I will post a digital or svg file when my emotions are back in check.  Thank you.

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Longvacation said...

I'm so sorry that the show ended up being a let down for you. Perhaps you would do better at a show closer to Christmastime when people are looking for gifts? Are you selling on Etsy? Their fees are not as bad as Ebay, and crafters and the hard work they do receive more recognition there.
Anyway, I hope that you don't give up on selling after this bad disappointment. Take care...